So much to do so little time!

This Friday get ready for the post of you life! un broma! 

I haven’t been able to post much because: 

1. I felt like I wasn’t really doing much.

2. I have a 5 page (Spanish page) ensayo due on Thursday

Asi que I am very stressed!!!!!! But I thought I should post so everyone knows I’m still alive! 


1. Feeling like people read this and care about me

2. Wearing my awesome new Universidad de Sevilla sweatshirt

3. Sitting in the warmest room in my house!


1. Needing to finish 4 pages tonight

2. Wanting to rip my hair out

3. Spending way too much money on food


Friendly Faces

I’ve been told there will be a lot of ups and downs for me while I’m abroad. The other day was a down day. (Does that even make sense?) I really missed my family, friends, and Gracyn. My friend and I walked around Plaza de Espana together and it instantly cheered me up. Here are some photos from the other day:

Another Spanish Kitty! (Sorry Keen I can’t adopt them!)

Plaza de Espana

Rainbow in the Fountain

Finally a photo of me!


  1. Overcoming loneliness
  2. Making the best of a situation
  3. Staying busy
  4. Making friends


  1. Missing people
  2. Bad Thoughts
  3. Nightmares

Promises to Myself

This weekend has been a little frustrating for me. I felt like I had made so much progress on my Spanish but because I didn’t speak Spanish in Madrid I’m really struggling. I mean I can also barely speak English right now I am so tired, but still. I came to Sevilla to learn Spanish.

So today I am making a pact with myself. I need to speak more Spanish. So I’m setting some rules:

  1. Speak Spanish with my roommate at least 1/2 the time spent together in the home
  2. Only speak Spanish to my host family
  3. Only speak Spanish to my Spanish friends
  4. Speak Spanish with the other kids from my program in Spanish during the day
  5. Use less Spanglish and try and circumnavigate the word instead

I know these rules will be difficult for me to keep but I need to focus myself and my studies. Wish me Luck!


  1. Empowering myself
  2. Setting goals
  3. Hopefully becoming fluent


  1. Laziness
  2. Difficulty
  3. Annoying (to speak to someone and have them respond to you with English)
  4. Having a small vocabulary

El Azul de Fucar

Caroline and I happened to stumble upon a restaurant called “el Azul” (

The inside was adorable, the waitress was nice, and the food was amazing. I should have taken a picture of it. I got a hamburger and it was by far one of the best meals I’ve had out. I think it is mostly because I miss eating American food. Sadly, hamburgers are my comfort food. But I’m getting off topic. I wrote this post so people know where to go when they want a good place to eat!

Shot of the inside

Caroline looking smokin’ per usual


  1. Finding a place I’m willing to recommend
  2. Hamburgers
  3. Not paying an arm and a leg


  1. Not having a place like this in Sevilla
  2. Not taking a picture of my food
  3. Being too tired to finish this post

For Keenan and all the other Cat Lovers out there

My cat Gracyn is probably the best cat on the planet. I miss having her cuddle and sleep on my pillow all the time. For this reason, I get super excited every time I see an animal. I just miss pets in general! My friend Keenan suggested I find a Spanish cat, so in honor of him I did. Here are the cats I found in Madrid!

Gracyn annoyed that I’m taking yet another photo of her

A restaurant dedicated to cats

Cat running across Retiro park

Cats sun bathing in Retiro park

Stray cat trying to get the attention of a stranger


  1. Cat cuddles


  1. Seeing cats and not being able to pet them
  2. Missing Gracyn

Madrid 1 vs. Katie 0

Sorry for the lack of posts! I spent my weekend on a program sponsored trip in Madrid. I’m pretty sure Madrid took all of the energy out of me. I’m running on 8 hours of sleep for this weekend sooooo hopefully this post turns out. (Sorry that it’s really short!) From this trip I have learned:

  1. Big cities may not be my thing
  2. I’m so happy I’m not study in Madrid
  3. Discotecas are fun but the cover charge is not (sidenote! Kapital is fun for one night to tell people you’ve experienced it but it’s super expensive!)
  4. I can read maps

I spent most of the trip with my roommate (for Madrid) Caroline. We spent our time taking a big loop through the city, going to museums, eating, going out, and of course going shopping.

Instead of writing about everything I did here are some photos: 

Fountain in Retiro Park (this reminds me of the little mermaid)

Caroline in Retiro Park

Plaza Mayor

Palacio Real

Beer bottle caps (don’t worry they aren’t all mine)

Sunset in Madrid

Hannah outside of the Prado

Sitting outside the Palacio Real

Who knew almost getting lost in Madrid could be so fun?


  1. Exploring
  2. Dancing and going out
  3. Appreciating home more
  4. Being in a new city
  5. Going to Kapital (


  1. Spending lots of money
  2. Having my phone run out of minutes
  3. Sore feet
  4. Not speaking a lot of Spanish

Baños Arabes

When I was told that we were going to visit Los Baños Arabes, I thought we were going to a museum. Little did I know, we actually went to a “reborn” Roman bath center … a.k.a. a spa! ( Yes that is right, my school sponsored a day at the spa! It was fantastic. I wish I could have taken pictures but let be honest that would be pretty awkward.

Anyway … we got to spend time in 5 different types of baths and a sauna! It was extremely relaxing. Almost too relaxing that I spent most of the day in a haze. After drastically raising the temperature of my body, I spent the rest of the day feeling cold. It didn’t help that I forgot my coat, and my wallet to take the tram home. #FirstWorldProblems But in all honesty I shouldn’t complain at all.


  1. Relaxation
  2. Not caring what I looked like in a bathing suit
  3. Warm water


  1. Shaving my legs in a freezing cold shower 10 minutes before I left
  2. Feeling sick for a majority of the day
  3. Complaining about feeling cold when it was my own fault