Madrid 1 vs. Katie 0

Sorry for the lack of posts! I spent my weekend on a program sponsored trip in Madrid. I’m pretty sure Madrid took all of the energy out of me. I’m running on 8 hours of sleep for this weekend sooooo hopefully this post turns out. (Sorry that it’s really short!) From this trip I have learned:

  1. Big cities may not be my thing
  2. I’m so happy I’m not study in Madrid
  3. Discotecas are fun but the cover charge is not (sidenote! Kapital is fun for one night to tell people you’ve experienced it but it’s super expensive!)
  4. I can read maps

I spent most of the trip with my roommate (for Madrid) Caroline. We spent our time taking a big loop through the city, going to museums, eating, going out, and of course going shopping.

Instead of writing about everything I did here are some photos: 

Fountain in Retiro Park (this reminds me of the little mermaid)

Caroline in Retiro Park

Plaza Mayor

Palacio Real

Beer bottle caps (don’t worry they aren’t all mine)

Sunset in Madrid

Hannah outside of the Prado

Sitting outside the Palacio Real

Who knew almost getting lost in Madrid could be so fun?


  1. Exploring
  2. Dancing and going out
  3. Appreciating home more
  4. Being in a new city
  5. Going to Kapital (


  1. Spending lots of money
  2. Having my phone run out of minutes
  3. Sore feet
  4. Not speaking a lot of Spanish