I miss my cat, Gracyn. She is the best thing that has happened to my life (ok that is an exaggeration … sort of). We haven’t gone this long apart, and it is making me go a little  CRAZY!

Reasons why Gracyn is aweeeeeeeeeesome:

  1. She plays fetch
  2. She comes when she is called
  3. She understands Spanish
  4. She loves being the center of attention
  5. She only cuddles with me (and my mom)
  6. She hates boys (it’s hilarious)
  7. She watches you leave and come home every day
  8. She meows a lot
  9. She only throws up when she is sick
  10. She is spunky and has a personality
  11. She is beautiful
  12. She sleeps on the pillow right next to me every night, and will wait for me to go to bed

Reasons why I can spend time away from her:

  1. Her poop smells awful
  2. All of my clothes permanently have white hair on them (I’m still finding Gracyn hairs!

Let me tell you a brief story about how we got Gracyn: Our cat of 16 years (Spooky) died of old age. It was devastating, and left our house feeling empty. After finally convincing my mom to get a kitten (I had to beg for this but alas got my way), I went to petfinders.com at 11pm instead of doing my history homework. We knew we wanted a white kitten (our last one was black, and having it look the same would be too sad). I had tabbed a few kittens, but when I saw Gracyn I had to have her. She was the cutest thing I had ever seen in my life. I immediately wrote the humane society essays I needed to write, and while it usually takes time to hear back from them they called my mom at 9am sharp and said that our essay was the best essay they had ever received. My mom laughed and said that I had written it (she knows how cheesy my writing can be).

So finally we had a meeting date with her foster family. It turns out she was super small and was given to the humane society because the family kept letting their cats breed. She was super playful and kept trying to climb the stairs even though she couldn’t get down them. We said goodbye and hoped to pick her up soon. That didn’t happen. Cats have to weigh a certain amount before they can be fixed (it’s a rule for adopting an animal), we had to wait another week. To this I balled my eyes out. I thought she would be this gigantic animal by the time I got her. Well I was worried for nothing. She was cute and perfect (she still is!) And to this day she is still a favorite feature of the house. Guests love her. (I swear my Grandma loves the cat more than any of us though)

Sorry for the crazy cat lady post!!! I just really need to hang out with a pet.


  1. I’m crazy and ok with it
  2. Pets
  3. Having unconditional love


  1. Lint brushes
  2. Pet hair
  3. Missing Gracyn



For Keenan and all the other Cat Lovers out there

My cat Gracyn is probably the best cat on the planet. I miss having her cuddle and sleep on my pillow all the time. For this reason, I get super excited every time I see an animal. I just miss pets in general! My friend Keenan suggested I find a Spanish cat, so in honor of him I did. Here are the cats I found in Madrid!

Gracyn annoyed that I’m taking yet another photo of her

A restaurant dedicated to cats

Cat running across Retiro park

Cats sun bathing in Retiro park

Stray cat trying to get the attention of a stranger


  1. Cat cuddles


  1. Seeing cats and not being able to pet them
  2. Missing Gracyn