Exam Time


Last time I posted, I told you I went to Malaga it was a great beach vacation. But in all honesty, I didn’t really get to explore the city. I look forward to seeing more with my family.

Right now in Sevilla there is a protest over the rising cost of tuition and the cut to education resources from the Government. (Did you know the occupy wallstreet campaign started in Madrid?) Well recently, Sevillanas celebrated the 1 year anniversary of the event. The entire school system is on strike and so the last 2 weeks of classes have been cancelled … but we still have classes. I understand that the students are trying to prove a point, but it is not beneficial to their studies. I feel bad for them though. I’m glad to be going back to American University soon. As much ad the cost of tuition kills me, at least it is more organized. 

Sorry for the short post, but I very busy with my upcoming exams. After next week (my hell week), I will have plenty of time to write. I keep taking hiatuses because I feel like I don’t really have a lot to say and I don’t want to bore all of you. My life is a routine right now of Studying, trying to avoid the heat, and sleeping. REALLY EXCITING I KNOW! I miss you all! 

un beso!


  • No class
  • More time to study
  • The weather has cooled down


  • Libraries not being open on Saturday nights or Sundays
  • No class = more time to procrastinate
  • Not accomplishing as much as I want to 

Red Walls, Cat in Christmas Tree, and Chicken Noodle Soup

I was debating writing this post or not, in fear that it would cause my mom to worry. I’ve decided that I need to write it for myself, in hopes that tonight I will sleep better. For the past 2 nights I have had terrible nightmares. I had 5 Sunday night and 3 on Monday night. Each time I have a bad dream, I wake up and I can’ t fall back asleep.

I’m hoping that they are due to:

  1. Lack of tiredness before bed
  2. Lack of Spanish in my life (we’re on vacation)

I hope they aren’t due to:

  1. Stress about my classes
  2. Stress about my future

But I think the leading cause of nightmares is missing home. In all honesty, I haven’t really missed home since I’ve been here. I feel so comfortable here, but I think the distance is starting to get to me. I miss talking/texting my friends and my family all of the time. I miss the familiarity and the routines in my life. While Spain is amazing, I think I would be feeling the same way if I was this isolated in Ann Arbor. I feel like I’m constantly missing out, and I hate the thought that no matter where I am I will always be missing something.

The things I miss most about home:

  • my room with it’s red walls
  • my mom’s chicken noodle soup
  • watching netflix/sportscenter with Nick
  • only being able to watch Criminal Minds when Nick is home because I get to scared
  • watching trailers and youtube videos with Alex
  • eating takeout in front of the tv
  • sitting in front of the fireplace, watching tv with Gracyn
  • Gracyn sleeping on the pillow next to me
  • Gracyn sitting in odd places
  • family get together’s (I’m sad I’ll be missing out on March birthdays, maybe we can skype?)
  • a routine and set study schedule

I’ve always said I can be flexible, but I think sometimes I like a routine. I always welcome a challenge, but I like to know some of the final details or the end-all goal. For example, I don’t know how to do any of my homework or when it is due. I feel like I’m slacking in my work, but I don’t know what work needs to be accomplished. It’s a vicious cycle.

I’m trying to take it one day at a time. I should probably take up yoga, or something that will help me relax. For now, lets just hope that I can get some sleep tonight.

Hopefully this doesn’t worry any of you. And if you have any tips for better sleeping let me know! So far my one friend has told me to count kittens before I fall asleep.

Un beso


  1. New sheets that aren’t fleece
  2. My host mom giving me hot chocolate
  3. Watching trailers for upcoming movies in 2012


  1. Not being able to sleep
  2. Nightmares
  3. Missing home


So much to do so little time!

This Friday get ready for the post of you life! un broma! 

I haven’t been able to post much because: 

1. I felt like I wasn’t really doing much.

2. I have a 5 page (Spanish page) ensayo due on Thursday

Asi que I am very stressed!!!!!! But I thought I should post so everyone knows I’m still alive! 


1. Feeling like people read this and care about me

2. Wearing my awesome new Universidad de Sevilla sweatshirt

3. Sitting in the warmest room in my house!


1. Needing to finish 4 pages tonight

2. Wanting to rip my hair out

3. Spending way too much money on food