I’m Melting, I’m Melting!

The weather here is already getting ridiculously HOT here! Without any warning or gradual change this is my life from here on out.

What have I gotten myself into??

Un beso!


  • Making people at home jealous
  • Finished with Classes for the week
  • Going to Malaga for the weekend!


  • Sweating while sitting in class
  • Sweating while walking slowly
  • Spending money on the tram because it has air conditioning
  • Smelling bad


So far other than Sevilla, Granada has been my favorite city. In all honesty though, I would probably just make it a day trip. Give yourself enough time to walk around and enjoy the city and the Alhambra. However back to my trip, I was complaining because I didn’t want to wake up at 7am and sit on a bus for hours, but once I arrived I was extremely surprised. My host mom kept telling me it would be cold, but cold to them is 60 degrees Fahrenheit. I was pleasantly surprised with how warm it was.

I spent most of my time wandering the city, and trying to take cool photos of the mountains. But sometimes (or well most of the time) cameras can’t capture the full magnitude of what you’re actually looking at. Especially for me because I’m still trying to figure out how to work my camera. Here are some shots:

A view of the mountains and what I would call a canal with no water

Houses on a hill

Just hanging out (get it? :] )

Kick, Push, Coast (also the mountains are gorgeous! Mom be proud I climbed a hill for this!)


Ave Maria

At the time I was messing with lighting and silly me made it too dark but I really like the couple in the background, but I’m too lazy to edit this so just pretend.

My favorite place was the Alhambra. I’ve study the architecture of this palace in almost every one of my Spanish classes that I was dying to see it in person. It is absolutely gorgeous, and I could probably spend all day walking around the place (or at least if I wasn’t hungry.) I would give you all a history lesson, but let’s just be honest, you would much rather look at pictures and if it tickles your fancy you’ll look it up on wikipedia. So here are my pics:

It was really sunny out but here is the entrance.

Fountains. The loud one are Christian and the quiet ones are Muslim design (according to the tour guide. It was in Spanish so I might be wrong?)

It’s become a game to take pictures of other people taking pictures in the group. I got this one of Jackson and Caroline. Jackson is wearing a fedora that I think he got with free with shots he bought the night before. The hat rotated on everyone’s head before the end of the tour.

Our Tour Guide. A mix of Andy Sandberg and Ringo Star

A view of the gorgeous white houses in Granada (my host mom’s favorite!)

On January 2, this bell is supposed to give the ladies luck with their love lives. Too bad I missed it! But it’s funny because a lot of men wait at the bottom of the tower on this day, I’m sure they’re all viejo verdes.

The Flags of Granada

The water acts as an espejo (mirror) for a perfect reflection of the palace. It’s pretty awesome, and pictures will never do it justice. The math involved in the building is insane!

A picture of just the water. I kind of wish I had the app to get rid of strangers of in fotos.

Chelsea and Caroline. Can you spot what is funny about this picture?

Letras incorporated into the palace. The details of this palace are astonishing.

For me Granada was a success. Most likely because I was super excited to see the Alhambra and had low expectations for the rest of the city. I hope I haven’t hyped it up too, much!


  1. Seeing the Alhambra
  2. Wandering the city
  3. Desire to climb a mountain (for those of you who know me this is quite strange)
  4. Not needing a coat
  5. Skipping the discotecas


  1. Forgetting my passport and being yelled at my the man at the front desk
  2. Eating a lot of American food. I was craving it, and since they gave me money I couldn’t help myself.
  3. Not exploring more

The Cold, The Clubs & The City

The Cold:

I don’t know how people survive the winter here. You know how in the EEUU we turn up the heat in our houses? I’m pretty sure they don’t have heat here … The houses are designed to keep the cold in. I’m sure I will enjoy this feature come March but for now I have to go outside to warm up. No you did not read that wrong, it is warmer outside than it is inside. But don’t worry, I sleep with about 6 blankets. I never thought I would find a bed more comfy than my bed en mi ciudad natal but I have!

The Clubs:

First off girls get in for free before 2am, or before the club really gets bumping. That is a plus, but the drinks are muy caro! Really if you ask me so far they aren’t worth it. The past night we went to Abril (http://abril-sevilla.com/). Abril is a discoteca or nightclub. I felt like I was at the Jersy Shore. Not only were the girls dressed up but so were the guys! I saw so many guys in sweaters and sports coats that I was feeling under dressed! But my host mom warned us before we left that “just because they were wearing corbatas (ties) does not make them caballeros (gentleman).” Isn’t she adorable?

The City:

I live way north of the city center, by way north I mean 20 minutes (and by north I mean east but to me it feels north). I really don’t mind walking though. I need to work off all the food I eat here, otherwise I will become very gorda! Here are some pictures I’ve taken … from the top of a cheesy tour bus so they aren’t the best. I plan on taking more later!

El Centro. This is where I take classes for the MCP Sevilla program. Right now I have a cultural seminar, grammar, and discussion class.

An example of orange trees lining the streets

The Cruzcampo guy! Cruzcampo is to Sevilla as Bells is to Kalamazoo.


  1. My bed
  2. Delicious oranges
  3. Getting exercise


  1. Wearing gloves inside
  2. Creepy 40 year olds wanting to dance with you
  3. Forgetting to bring my camera to class

Mi Familia Nueva!

Yesterday I met my wonderful host mother Ana! She is the sweetest woman (other than my mom), I have ever met in my life. She made my roommate and I feel at home right away. I think we really lucked out on host moms. Not only can our host mom cook, but she also doesn’t push food on us. Which is a plus for me because I don’t eat a lot, or I eat “like a bird” a.k.a. I pick at my food.

Another plus other than the food, is that Ana has a lot of family around her. I met her 10 and 8  year old granddaughters today. It was humbling to get schooled in Spanish by an 8 year old but it just goes to show how limited I am in this language. One day I’ll be able to understand … hopefully.

I share my bedroom with my roommate Nicole. It’s a bit small but I love it. I can’t wait until the sun is out more. It gets a little dreary here when the sun is gone. But I shouldn’t complain, I don’t even need to wear a coat the majority of the time. Sevilla’s weather totally beats out 10 inches of snow in mi ciudad natal.


  1. An adorable mother
  2. Amazing food
  3. Knowing I will never go hungry
  4. Living near the Psychology building
  5. Having lots of people from the program around me


  1. It’s freezing in the house (a post on that tomorrow!)
  2. It’s far away from the center (but I’m sure I can get used to that)
  3. The tram is expensive (muy caro)